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The mosaics representing the signs of the Chinese zodiac are unique, numbered and entirely hand-made works with Briare enamels called "Emaux de Briare".

You don't know your Chinese zodiac sign or you want to learn more about the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac? click here:

The meeting of the east and the west:


Arrived in France at the age of 35 with the prodigious culture of the Far East as its only richness, Hongbo has never ceased to discover and cultivate the no less prodigious culture of Old Europe. From this meeting and this fusion was born the idea of the creation of the Chinese zodiac mosaics. After a stint at the Boulle School and the discovery of a passion for manual creation which has continued to grow, everything was ready for this idea to mature and materialize.



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On the East side, the ideograms and the silhouettes representing the astrological signs are very important for the Chinese for all the events of their life, for their relationships with others, for their outlook on the world; but also colors and their symbolic meaning in the Chinese universe.

West side, the mosaics. But not just any mosaics! Hongbo has chosen to work from Emaux de Briare, whose reputation for quality and finesse has been around the world since the 19th century. And to give a little French touch to it all, the astrological signs are delicately placed in the middle of a hexagon.

The Emaux de Briare:

Emaux de Briare are made in the small town of Briare located in the Loiret department, in the Centre-Val de Loire region (France).

For more than 150 years, Emaux de Briare have been designed with their own raw materials and according to a manufacturing process ensuring optimal quality, shimmering and luminous colors, and unparalleled chemical and physical properties. The firing of enamels is still carried out today partly in the ovens manufactured by the founder of the brand.


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The quality and beauty of these enamels have made them high-end decorative elements used in the architecture and decoration of hundreds of monuments around the world such as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre in Paris, the Orthodox Church of San Francisco in the United States, the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca in Morocco, the palace of the Sultan of Brunei, metro stations in France, in Brussels, in Madrid, airports such as those of Paris Charles de Gaulle, Pittsburgh, Abu Dhabi , the Olympic swimming pool in Los Angeles… and many others…

Unique handcrafted works :

The productions offered for sale are entirely handcrafted with authentic Emaux de Briare.

Each work is unique and is numbered within a series. The works presented on this site are purely indicative, but those that you will receive will have been designed especially for you, respecting the proposed model as much as possible.

The packaging is biodegradable and does not contain plastic.


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